1968 Gold Nugget Special

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1968 Gold Nugget Special Mustang (aka Golden Nugget Mustang)

Limited edition Mustangs were never more plentiful than in 1967-68. Between factory created regional specials and dealer created oddities, the Mustang buyer of the late 60's had some interesting choices.

The 1968 Gold Nugget Special (also called Golden Nugget) was primarily a special paint color; Sunlit Gold with a black vinyl roof, black-out hood and black striping. The paint code was Y5 and the DSO is 74-1111, indicating Seattle and then 1111 for special order. There's rumor that these Gold Nugget Specials could also be painted other colors, as indicated by the window sticker below showing Corporate Yellow. However, this particular window sticker is a reproduction, not an original, so the facts aren't 100% conclusive on the issue of custom special paint. Note the newspaper ad below also talks about a dash plaque with the customer's name. Talk about a one-off Mustang!

A newspaper ad for the Gold Nugget Special reads as follows:

Only 525 people in the Northwest will be driving this Golden Nugget Mustang...a special edition of America's original sports car...at no extra cost!

Exclusive for this area only! Specially ordered, specially painted Mustangs, each with a golden plaque for the dash panel bearing the customer's name. Sunlit Gold color, with black vinyl top, black hood panels, black stripe, whitewalls, wheel covers. Plus all the better ideas that make Mustang America's favorite, most imitated sports car. More Mustang than ever for '68"

Although the vintage ad states 525 were built, subsequent research by Marti Auto Works shows 481 according to Ford build records.

Identification: Like many of the special paint Specials, the 6 digit DSO is the key to identifying a Gold Nugget Special. Look for DSO of 74-1111 (74 = Seattle DSO and 1111 = special order) Production dates have also been narrowed down to Jan - Feb of 1968.



  1. Comment by nugget freak — @ 3:26 pm

    My buddy and I both have gold nugget mustangs and we are havin a hard time findin parts. any ideas?

  2. Comment by admin — @ 4:53 pm

    What parts are you having trouble locating? There aren’t any parts on a Gold Nugget that would be different then a standard 1968 Mustang.

  3. Comment by Ernie Heald — @ 12:23 am

    I have a Gold Nugget Special, have had since ’90,looking to sell due to health problems and not able to keep,would like to find someone that would appreciate it for what it is. any suggestions where I might find someone or a place to advertise?

  4. Comment by Bill OGorman — @ 7:09 am

    Hey Guys, Bill here and I am the guy who researched these cars and found the documents to back it up.

    The reproduction sticker is mine, and it is made up as I did NOT WANT TO repaint the car.

    ONLY ONE COLOR: Sunlit Gold, Was available for this car. Period. Email me with questions and I will try to answer: wogorman@clarityconnect.com

  5. Comment by jeff boomhower — @ 10:40 am

    I have a gns that i got from my grandparents. does any one have the origanel window sticker that i can get my handes on the price for it??? if so email me back at bobkat330@hotmail.com

  6. Comment by Scott Rear — @ 1:14 am

    I have a GNS I am trying to restore. Does any one have a dash plaque they can take a picture of? Actually I would love to see any pictures you have and would share mine as well.

  7. Comment by Bill OGorman — @ 3:40 pm

    Email me for Gold Nugget Information….I am the guy who researched these cars with the tremendous help of Kevin Marti!

  8. Comment by Jeff Wheeler — @ 3:52 pm

    Hey all you who have posted comments about Golden Nugget Special (GNS) Mustangs. I am seriously trying to get in touch with as many GNS owners or previous owners as possible. Nugget Freak posted on here that he and a buddy both own one, Earnie Heald owned one and was trying to sell it, Bill O’Gorman owns one and responded to my email today, Jeff Boomhower owns one and Scott Rear owns one. If any of you still post on this website please respond to my email or phone number: milspecsniper@yahoo.com or (541)626-9527 and if anyone else knows how to get in touch with any of these posters or other owners of any Gold Nugget Special Mustangs please feel free to contact me as well. Thank you. Jeff Wheeler (GNS Owner)

  9. Comment by Bill OGorman — @ 12:24 pm

    Thanks to Jeff Wheeler for helping get things rolling and keeping up on who has what! The registry page is up and so are photos of the dash plaque, ads and such….come check it out and help find more of the Gold Nugget Special Mustangs.

  10. Comment by Randy — @ 10:47 am

    I have a GNS in real good shape and all original part and under a real 100K miles. I need to repaint it, any suggestions to not voiding the worth or how to get it done right?

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  12. Comment by David — @ 11:19 am

    Growing up in West Seattle, I always watched my neighbor Ruth who lived right across the street coming or going in her Gold Nugget. Her husband would always get a new Chrysler every year, but she just kept driving her mustang. Much to my surprise after years away from home, she contacted me and said she wanted me to have the car (she did not want to give it to her grandson, because he would just tear it up). Ruth was 87 when she gave the car to me, and gave me the call to come and get it. when i received the car, i noticed in the paperwork that she was actually the second owner. The original owner only kept the car about six months, and his name was on the plaque on the dash. That’s ok, i still call the car Ruth. Still in good shape with 130000 miles, i too need advise on how to restore this gem properly. RIP Ruth, and THANK YOU!!

  13. Comment by paul woods — @ 6:38 pm

    I bought my 68 GNS in 1970 from Bowen Scarf ford in Kent Wa.I believe that I was the second owner. It didn’t have the plaque on the dash or any indication that there had been one . I wanted to know if they can still be purchased. and where on the dash they would be mounted—thanks Paul

  14. Comment by Trinet Helbig — @ 8:14 am

    I just recently purchased a gns from a family friend. I would like so suggestions on how to restore it. I know I’m going to pay for the body work to be restored.

  15. Comment by carl hamlin — @ 7:09 pm

    ok my buddy as a gold nugget and he beats the hell out of it…im trying to find out the value of the car to see if its worth resoring it“so if anybody knows the value of an average gns please let me know thanks

  16. Comment by Neola — @ 1:59 pm

    I have a Golden Nugget that my father bought for my mother on their anniversary, February 10, 1968. They are both gone now and I am restoring our Mustang. There are some things I won’t “fix” (like the sill plate that had the heck beat out of it when my mother let go of the seat belt many times). I have the original hub caps that are not too pretty but they are part of the history.

    Majhor-Murray (503) 235-9821 in Portland, Oregon rebuilt the engine and that is where I go for repairs and oil changes. Can’t let just anyone do that!

    Also Bob’s Ford Car Parts (503) 492-4566 in Portland is a great resource for parts. Both companies are experts in classic cars.

    My car is only driven for special occasions and Mt. Hood Mustangs and Fords car club events.

  17. Comment by Barry Hasson — @ 8:44 am

    I purchased the gold nugget from Ernie over a year ago. I have just finished an all numbers matching restoration of the car. If you are interested in purchasing please call me at 206 947 1189. Barry Hasson

  18. Comment by Tay — @ 10:40 pm

    I just bought a nugget with all original documents. I even have the owner manual. Mine has a mod 302. The previous person has it in his garage. The gold paint was prime over some grayish paint. I’m upgrading mine to disc brakes for rear and front, paint it to original colors, and then add alarm, auto in-lock, and tint the Windows. It has flow master exhaust installed. Mostly original! How much does it worth now? Aug.2016

  19. Comment by jon hughes — @ 11:58 pm

    I have a Gold Nugget Special………..anyone know how many exist as of
    September 2017?

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