1970 Boss 302 Survivor

Posted by admin | Notable Mustang Auctions | Thursday 10:38 pm

1970 Boss 302 for sale1970 Boss 302 Mustang - Original Paint

This gorgeous unrestored Grabber Blue 1970 Boss 302 sold recently on eBay for $61,100. With just under 42,000 actual miles it's a great example of a car that's remained mostly untouched in it's 40+ years. (more...)


1968 Mustang 390 GT Convertible

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1236528542img22a1968 Mustang 390 GT Convertible

Wow! This is really an amazing car! Any bets on what the final price will be? The "buy it now" is $69,900.00 but I'm guessing it will be shy of that. Maybe on the live auction floor at Barrett-Jackson, but not quite as likely on eBay. But you never know. - View Auction (more...)


1968 California Special – Needs just a little TLC!

Posted by admin | Project Mustangs | Wednesday 9:10 pm

Not looking terrible from this angle.

1968 GT/CS Mustang in search of someone with LOTS of time to restore!

If you've got the heart to tackle it, this California Special could be a great little diamond in the rough with your name on it! This Classic Mustang almost looks restorable until you see the shot of the rear of the body....because there's nothing left! (more...)


Mustangs sold at Barret-Jackson 2009

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Mustang Auction Results - Barrett-Jackson, Scottsdale, AZ

As another January comes to an end it means another record breaking year for Classic Mustangs crossing the auction block at Barrett Jackson in Scottsdale, Arizona. The poor economy only slightly dampened the spirits of bidders, but only on the less rare cars. The really exciting Mustangs still commanded amazing prices, with the usual BJ trend of a few buyers paying way too much. You may not agree, but see below and judge for yourself. (more...)


1968 Gold Nugget Special in the weeds

Posted by admin | Project Mustangs | Friday 2:47 pm

gold-nugget-in-weeds-4This Gold Nugget Special was found in the Portland area rusting in the weeds next to a shed. The Gold Nugget was a promotional package for the 1968 Mustang and featured special paint (Sunlit Gold) with a black vinyl roof, black-out hood and black striping. (more...)


1964½ Indianapolis 500 Pace Car

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1964 1/2 Indy 500 Pace Car Replica

2008-thunder-in-the-desert-mustang-show-108Quite clearly that the 1964 1/2 Ford Mustang was one of the most successfully advertised and promoted introductions in automotive history. Much of this was due to the car itself of course, but Ford's marketing team didn't just let those popular pony cars sell themselves. They worked hard to keep the public interested in the hot new sports car that we now know as the Classic Mustang. (more...)


1966 Ford Mustang GT350 Genuine Hertz Car 23k miles

Posted by admin | Notable Mustang Auctions | Saturday 12:14 am

1966 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350H

00You don't see a pristine example of a Classic Mustang for sale like this very often. Check out this gorgeous Shelby GT350H Hertz Rental - View Auction

I recall stories told of sailors in the late 60's coming in to port in San Diego or San Francisco and pooling their money together to "rent-a-racer" at Hertz. They'd pull that Shelby out of the Hertz rental parking lot, drive down to the local drag strip, swap out the rear tires for slicks and have a night of it! (more...)


1970 Twister Special Mustang

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1970 Twister Special

2008-thunder-in-the-desert-mustang-show-101This was one special edition classic Mustang that extended beyond just Mustangs to include the 1970 Torino Cobra and Ranchero as well. Like other regional specials in the Mustang past, the Twister Special one was limited to one DSO, which was Kansas (DSO 53). There were 96 Mustang Twisters made in 1970, all Mach 1's with consecutively numbered VIN's built at the Dearborn Ford plant. The cars were identically equipped except for the engine/transmission combos. Half of the 96 produced got the new 351C-4V (Cleveland) and half the 428 SCJ (Super Cobra Jet). Both 4 speed manual and C6 automatics were used. All were clad in Grabber Orange paint with a "Twister Special" tornado decal on the rear quarter panels (see photos below)



1968 California Special Mustang

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1968 California Special (GT/CS)

2008-thunder-in-the-desert-mustang-show-096Perhaps one of the best known of the limited edition classic Mustangs is the 1968 California Special, or GT/CS. Most Mustang veterans and even casual enthusiasts have heard of it, yet false info and rumor still abound on the net.

The California Special roots started with "Little Red", a hand built experimental Shelby coupe. Shelby's were only offered in fastbacks and convertibles, but there was enough interest in expanding to the coupe body style that a prototype was mocked up. Although the Shelby coupe idea was ultimately scrapped, the groundwork was laid for the California Special. Borrowing heavily from the Shelby parts bins (more...)


1968 Cardinal Edition

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1968 Cardinal Edition Mustang

79076090iwq5wcx7img_9961Yet another regional special, the Cardinal Edition (or Cardinal Special) was released to help spur sales in the North Carolina and Virginia markets.  What made this "special" special was primarily the Candy Apple Red paint and the unique diamond shaped emblem on the B pillar featuring a Cardinal head. Black C stripes were also included, creating a color scheme to match the Cardinal; state bird of Virginia.

This was a dealer created package, so these Mustangs didn't roll off the assembly line as Cardinal Specials. They arrived at the dealer in Candy Apple Red and the dealer then applied the emblem and marketed it. See the dealer's newspaper ad below for the other features of this classic Mustang. (more...)

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