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2005 marked one of the most successful redesigns in the Mustang's long history. It was a new car from the ground up, and the first one in a while. The previous Fox body platform had served Ford well for many years, but it was time for a change...and a nod to the past.

The new design was code named S-197 and Ford designers relied heavily on styling cues from the late 60's Mustang. Up front the leading edge of the hood, tapered-back head light buckets, deep set grill and round head lights were very reminiscent of the classic 1967-1968 Mustang. At the rear the tripple vertically divided tail lights had been used for many years, but the new 2005 flattened out the rear panel and lights rather than wrap around the curvy rear like the 2004 and earlier models. Side "C" scoops and triangular "fastback" style windows rounded out the retro elements of design. Interior design was even more retro with a large speedo and tach, round air vents and a hooded type dash, just like it's 1967-1968 predecesor.
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Ford Mustang GT 2009 - GT!
Ford Mustang GT 2009 - GT!
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