1967-1968 Mustang

In it's first two years the Mustang was a phenomenal success, but Ford engineers knew they couldn't sit back and and let the competition catch up. Chevrolet's new Camaro was already in the works and the muscle bound GTO was recently launched in 1966. To keep the Mustang competitive Ford redesigned the Pony car to shoehorn in their larger big block power plants. First the 390 "Thunderbird Special" for 1967 and eventually the legendary 428 CJ in 1968. The overall look was kept similar to the 1965-66 styling, but was slighly wider & longer for a more muscular and agressive look.

To boost sales further Ford also offered some regional special editions for the 1967 & 1968 Mustangs including the 1968 California Special & High Country Special, GTA, Gold Nugget Special, Cardinal Special, 1967 Stallion Edition, Lone Star Limited, & Ski Country Special.

Convertible Coupe Fastback GT500 Eleanor
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