1965-1966 Mustang

1965 mustangs for sale1964 1/2-1966 Mustangs - Officially launched in April, 1964 the original "Pony Car" was off to a tire smoking start right out of the gate. Thanks to a great design and fevered marketing pitch the Mustang was an instant hit with the younger crowd as well as the seasoned car buyer. Technically the 64 1/2 was a true 1965 model year car, but collectors use "64 1/2" to help differentiate it from the full production 1965 models since so many little things changed that first half year.

The original 1964 1/2 was only available as a coupe or convertible body style. The now famous fastback was introduced in 1965, the first full year production for the Mustang.

Ford: Mustang GT 1966 ford mustang
Ford: Mustang GT 1966 ford mustang
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