How to: Buy a Mustang – Talking to the Seller

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Contact the Seller

When buying a Mustang online it’s natural to communicate with the seller via email. There’s nothing wrong with email and you should use it as your initial tool to get basic info on the car. But then take the communication to the next level and get on the phone.

Emails can give you all the facts about the car, but say little about the seller. Having even a single phone conversation will speak volumes about what kind of person you’re dealing with. Do they hesitate when answering your questions? Do they redirect the conversation away from potential problems? Do they seem knowledgeable about the car? Pay attention not only to what the seller says, but how he says it. If something sounds strange or inconsistent follow up with more detailed questions. If you still have that unsure feeling from those answers then move on to another car. A sketchy seller is probably hiding all sorts of details about the car, and those details are sure to be expensive for you to fix. There are plenty of Mustangs for sale out there, so if your gut says something is wrong trust it.

  • Authenticity - You need to verify that the Mustang is what the seller says it is. Obviously you’ll need to do your homework here to know what specific questions to ask. But at a minimum get the VIN, data plate codes and ask about any supporting documentation like build sheets or Marti reports.
  • Originality - Ask for a list of all aftermarket parts that have been installed. Also ask if the seller still has any original parts he’s replaced.
  • Body - Any accidents? Any body work? Any rust or bubbles in the paint? How recent is the paint and is it original?
  • Interior – Anything non-original? If it’s been restored, how recently? Does everything work? (horn, turn signals, radio, heater, AC, etc.)
  • Mechanics – How many miles? Has the engine or transmission been rebuilt? Is it still stock? How’s the suspension and brakes? Any squeaks on the bumps or noises when braking?
  • Seller Info – Reason for selling? How many owners? Any past history from previous owners? Is the title clear and in the seller’s name?
  • Maintenance – How often was it serviced? Any receipts or records? Is it regularly driven? If not, how long has it been sitting? How many miles driven a year?
  • Extra Parts - If it's a Mustang project car, be sure to ask about any extra parts that may come with it.

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