How To: Buy a Mustang – Getting your new prize home

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Options on transporting your new purchase

Finding a way to get your prized new Mustang home might seem like the last step, but it really needs to be one of your first considerations. Transporting a vehicle can be expensive and time consuming so you need to understand your options early and factor in the costs when looking at Mustangs for sale.

Driving it home

If your new Mustang is in good shape you might consider driving it home. This of course won't work if it's an ultra high dollar or low mileage car that you don't want to put extra miles on. Likewise if it's a project Mustang with questionable mechanics you probably don't want to run the risk of being stranded in your journey or causing further damage to a worn out engine. Time is another factor. Depending on your situation it may not be feasible to take a few days off of work to fly out and drive back from some far flung location. But if you have the time and the Mustang is in good shape you really should consider making the trip. Ask most veteran car guys and they'll have fond memories of driving across country in one of their past cars. Or if the trip didn't go well then at least they have some great stories! It can be a great bonding experience where you not only learn about your new baby, but have a lot of fun doing it!Mustang Trailer

Another option is to trailer it home yourself. Obviously if you own a capable tow vehicle and a trailer this is a no-brainer. If you have just the tow vehicle you can rent a trailer to tow back one way. All the large moving rental companies offer flat trailers or tow dollies for rent. If you have neither a truck or a trailer you can use those same moving rental companies to rent both. This is the most expensive option and if you're considering this you really should price out some transport services first. The difference in price may be less then you think and the process will be a whole lot easier.

No matter which option you chose to drive it home your self you need someone to join you on the jaunt. If you drive the car your friend should be following in a reliable car in case you run into problems. If you're mechanically inclined bring a fully stocked tool box for the quick fix. Remember, these are old cars and something can go wrong on even a nicely restored example.

Transport Companies

Professional transporters will be the least hassle, but most expensive option. Check online or in national collector car publications, like Hemmings for companies who can haul your new toy home. You can work either with the auto shipper directly or with a broker who will typically be easier to work with if you're new to this. You'll have a choice of an open truck or fully enclosed trailer. Prepare to pay a premium of 50-60% more for the piece of mind of a fully enclosed trailer.

Transport trucks have slots for several cars. It's in their best interest to keep their loads as full as possible, so be prepared for some time delay in getting your Mustang home. They may pick it up from the seller, but then drive to several large hubs for additional pickups or drop offs. Trucks can wait at these hubs for days until they get enough cars to fill their load. Delivery time could be weeks. Be sure to ask about their delivery window up front.

Mustang Insurance

No matter how you decide to transport your new Mustang home be sure that it's fully insured the minute you (or your transport company) take possession. Call your insurance company ahead of time and explain the situation. They may have special insurance just for the transport process. Transport companies also offer insurance. Find out what they offer and talk to your own insurance agent to be sure you're fully covered between the two policies.

Another possible way to save some money is having the car shipped from major hub to major hub, rather than door to door. In this situation the seller would have to drive the car to the local hub and you would pick it up at your local hub. Depending on how far away the hubs are from you this could save you quite a bit.


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