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Get Photos & Video

If all goes well with your initial emails and phone call(s) then ask the seller to send you backup documentation. If you found the car on eBay then the auction probably already showed some photos. But I can almost guarantee you that they weren't detailed enough. Most sellers take a few overall shots and then maybe a pic or two of the engine and interior. Ask for more. With digital cameras and email it doesn't cost the seller anything more than 30 minutes to snap a ton of photos. If you can get a video that's even better. Either way, when looking at Mustangs for sale ask for the following shots:

  • Engine from both sides (with the air cleaner off preferably) as well as from underneath. You're looking for general condition as well as evidence of leaks, aftermarket parts and original parts that are critical to a particular year or option.
  • VIN and data plates. These are in multiple locations so get shots of all so you can verify the numbers all match.
  • Suspension and undercarriage. Look for leaks and rust.
  • Typical rust spots; inside fender wells, shock towers, rear quarter panels below the trunk, bottom of doors, bottom rear of front fenders, underside of floor pans.
  • Trunk and inner rear quarter panels. This is a good place to find evidence of a wreck.
  • Interior. The typical one shot isn't enough here. Get photos of both front seats and rear, dash, odometer reading, steering wheel, pedals, carpet, etc.
  • Body. You're looking for more than overall shots. You want photos sighting down each side of the car to show you waves or dents. Same with the hood, top and trunk lid. You don't want shots looking down on these items. You want them looking across so you can study the reflections for any body problems or sign of past accidents.
  • Unique items to that year or style. Get detailed photos of any part that makes that particular car unique. If it's a Boss 302 get shots of the flared fenders, shock tower supports, exhaust manifolds, etc.
  • Paperwork. Ask for photos of any supporting paperwork, like original owners manual, build sheet, receipts, Marti report, etc.
  • Extra Parts? - If you're one of those brave souls who buying one of those project Mustangs for sale, then be sure to get all the parts that the seller may have taken off during the disassembly process.


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