1968 California Special – Needs just a little TLC!

Posted by admin | Project Mustangs | Wednesday 9:10 pm

Not looking terrible from this angle.

1968 GT/CS Mustang in search of someone with LOTS of time to restore!

If you've got the heart to tackle it, this California Special could be a great little diamond in the rough with your name on it! This Classic Mustang almost looks restorable until you see the shot of the rear of the body....because there's nothing left! (more...)


1968 Gold Nugget Special in the weeds

Posted by admin | Project Mustangs | Friday 2:47 pm

gold-nugget-in-weeds-4This Gold Nugget Special was found in the Portland area rusting in the weeds next to a shed. The Gold Nugget was a promotional package for the 1968 Mustang and featured special paint (Sunlit Gold) with a black vinyl roof, black-out hood and black striping. (more...)