How to: Buy a Mustang – Talking to the Seller

Posted by admin | Contacting the Seller,How to: Buy a Mustang | Tuesday 8:36 am

Contact the Seller

When buying a Mustang online it’s natural to communicate with the seller via email. There’s nothing wrong with email and you should use it as your initial tool to get basic info on the car. But then take the communication to the next level and get on the phone.

Emails can give you all the facts about the car, but say little about the seller. Having even a single phone conversation will speak volumes about what kind of person you’re dealing with. Do they hesitate when answering your questions? Do they redirect the conversation away from potential problems? Do they seem knowledgeable about the car? Pay attention not only to what the seller says, but how he says it. If something sounds strange or inconsistent (more...)