How to: Sell a Mustang – How to Photograph Your Car

Posted by admin | How to: Sell a Mustang,Photograph to Sell | Thursday 10:36 pm

Money Shot - Photograph your Mustang

You've spent hours detailing and polishing your Mustang for sale so it makes a great first impression to a potential buyer. Now give the same attention to the photos you use in your ad. This is a critical step and it's amazing how often it's overlooked. Don't just pick up your camera, walk out to the driveway and snap a few pics. A good set of photographs will really help your ad "pop" and set it apart. Next time you're at the local convenience store thumb through an AutoTrader magazine. Most photos will be boring at best and some will be downright awful. That's no way to show off all your hard work, and certainly no way to get top dollar for your Mustang.

Following are some tips to taking good photos: (more...)