1967 Stallion Edition

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1967 "Stallion" Edition Mustang

1967stallion_2Not all of the special edition Mustangs came from the factory. Sometimes the dealerships took matters into their own hands and came up with some pretty unusual ponies.  Take Mainway Ford in Toronto Canada for instance. They created the Mustang "Stallion" as a high performance muscle car obviously catered to the young male buyer. These classic Mustangs were fastbacks only, and highly optioned ones at that. Under the hood was either a K-code hipo 289 or the new for '67 big block S-code 390 GT engine. Transmission choices were the 4 speed manual or C6 automatic transmission. Also included on the Stallion were the heavy duty suspension package, power disc brakes, tach, posi-traction rear, styled steel wheels, upgraded Deluxe interior (including special woven seat covers) and special metallic paint.

But wait, there's more! The most striking feature (in a good way or bad, you decide) was the pair of Cougar rear tail lights. The wide horizontal tail lights weren't exactly ground breaking, being previously seen on the Shelby and later on the California Specials, but the vertical ribs of the Cougar tail light housings mated to the aggressive Mustang fastback rear lines definitely gave a new look. To draw even more attention to the rear end, it was blacked out and a "STALLION" badge was attached to the center above the gas cap, which was also custom and featured a rearing horse engraving.

Continuing with the "blackout" treatment a unique black vinyl trim was added along both sides, basically following the long trailing swoop of the fastback shape. The factory simulated side scoop pieces were also chromed to finish off the exterior look.



  1. Comment by Rafael Valdovinos — @ 10:35 pm

    where can i find this rare gas cap

  2. Comment by Glen Allan — @ 6:27 pm

    For the past phew years of looking through used car mag’s I got to thinking about when I was growing up in Toronto & working at the local Shell & Esso gas station’s at Burnhamthorpe & Martingrove.
    There was a mechanic at the Shell station that had a Stallion, can’t remember his name, but I never forgot that Mustang & wondered why I never heard anything about this model. I didn’t know at the time that dealers would do these mod’s on there own to boost sale’s. Can you tell me how many were made & were the heck is Mainway Ford. Thanks.

  3. Comment by Gary — @ 9:04 am

    Glen , I grew up near Mainway and we bought our 1968 Torino there.
    It was on Danforth just West of Main Street on the North side at Chisholm ave and took up the whole corner. The used car lot was on the South side of Danforth. The car I saw in 1970 was a used 67 on the Mainway used car lot but was a deep metallic brown not used that year which must have been a quick paint job to clean it up.

  4. Comment by Dean — @ 8:19 am

    The name of the mechanic that owned that car was John Mcawley.He was a family friend i remember riding in that car it was a torque monster.

  5. Comment by Dean — @ 8:25 am

    Only 9 were made 4 with 289 4 with 390 1 with a 410 cobra jet.The one at the shell you are talking about had the 410 in it with a hurst four speed

  6. Comment by Warren — @ 4:58 am

    I saw a Stallion last night at a Paris Ontario car show, green with gold stripes, equipped with 390 4 spd. The owner said the car was frost blue/silver when he aquired it, but the build sheet paint code was left blank from the factory so the original color is really unknown for sure. It was pretty correct looking other than a set of 5 spoke keystones

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