1979-1982 Mustangs for sale

The big news for 1979, and it would turn out to be very big news indeed, was the introduction of the Fox body platform. The Mustang was all new for 1979 and at the heart of all the change was a light weight and strong platform adapted from the Fairmont sedan. Federal CAFE standards were squeezing car manufacturers for more fuel efficient cars and so designers of the 1979 Mustang obsessed over making this the lightest and most aerodynamic Mustang yet. Advances in materials like aluminum, plastic and steel alloys were used extensively.

For the most part engine choices at first were unchanged. But the notable exception was a new Turbo Charged 2.3L four cylinder. It was a great seller at first, but unfortunately was plagued with problems and was dropped in 1981. What it did do was set the stage for future turbos, which would turn out to be very key in the Mustang's future.

Then in 1982 came the news that defined the Mustang for years to come; the 5.0L V8 was reintroduced. Partnered with the new GT package, the return of the true V8 engine also meant the return of the Mustang to the performance arena. The press raved and customers responded by opting for the new V8 in surprising numbers. As Ford literature said, "The Boss is Back."

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